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Steps you can take to deal with an aggressive driver

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Aggressive drivers are everywhere. Even if you do your best to avoid them, there’s no way of being certain that you’ll do so.

If you encounter an aggressive driver, it’s important to take a few steps to avoid trouble. Here’s what you should do:

  • Don’t get too close: The second you realize that someone is driving in an aggressive manner is the second you should find a way to create space between your vehicles. This is preferred to driving closely for an extended period.
  • Don’t take action: For example, you may be tempted to yell at someone who is driving aggressively as a result of texting and talking on the phone. But if you personally take action, you’ll only make matters worse.
  • Call 911: Depending on the circumstances, you may want to call 911 so that the dispatcher can send police to the scene. This is better than taking action yourself, as police are equipped to handle these situations. If you’re going to call for help, be sure that you first pull to safety.

These are the types of steps you can take to protect yourself if you encounter an aggressive driver.

Should one of these drivers cause an accident, don’t do anything until police arrive. If they were aggressive while driving, they’re likely to be aggressive when speaking to them after a crash.

Once you receive treatment for your injuries, review the police report and your insurance policy. This will set you up to take action that may allow you to obtain compensation for your damages. An experienced advocate can help you better understand your legal options.

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