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Helping You Recover From All Types Of Accidents

Every day, people around the country are severely injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents. No one expects an accident to happen to them, but you could find yourself in this situation and in need of a personal injury lawyer.

We make a positive recovery in over 98% of the cases we pursue.

Taylor & Tucker, LLC, provides the guidance that suffering families need after a serious accident. We handle all types of accident cases, including:

We have collectively recovered millions of dollars for our clients. Not only are we successful at getting the compensation our clients need, but we also provide guidance in their recovery process.

Proving Fault In Your Accident Claim

Because Georgia has a “fault” system for accidents, your compensation will depend upon the percentage of fault you held in the accident. Our lawyers are respected throughout the community for their ability to gather extensive evidence on accidents and show the other party’s fault, which allows them to secure the full compensation our clients deserve.

Car accident claims become even more complicated when vehicles such as trucks are involved, as multiple parties could be liable for what happened. You can leave all of this work to us. We are the attorneys. We are the ones familiar with the nuances of personal injury claims. You can rest easy knowing you have a skilled, successful team backing you as you recover.

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Our team at Taylor & Tucker, LLC, offers compassionate services to suffering families, backed by a strong reputation across Georgia and professional recognition for our work.

To set up a free consultation with an injury attorney, please contact us online or call 678-369-7348. We have locations in Peachtree City and Atlanta.