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Frequently Asked Questions

Accidents happen; that’s a fact of life. A serious injury can easily rock the victim’s world, and even deeply affect his or her loved ones as well. If you have been the subject of a serious injury which occurred in an accident that wasn’t your fault, our team at Taylor & Tucker, LLC may be able to help you fight for the compensation you need.

If your questions aren’t answered on this page, call our office for a free case evaluation. We are proud to serve clients in all of Georgia.

We make a positive recovery in over 98% of the cases we pursue.


If I Decide To Pursue A Lawsuit, How Long Will It Take?

Every case is different. Some may be settled within a few months, others could go to trial and require a year or more. Our attorneys are committed to doing whatever we can to make each case as expeditious and efficient as possible.

When Should I Act?

The state of Georgia has a statute of limitations of two years for injury cases. You could forfeit your right to pursue compensation if you miss this deadline. Furthermore, the sooner after an injury you do speak with an attorney, the better your attorney’s chance of building a strong and successful case.

Can’T I Just Work With Any Other Kind Of Lawyer?

Our firm’s ability to advocate for injury victims has been acutely honed over the years. Working with a seasoned professional in the field of personal injury law is a choice that could pay big dividends. Besides, with so much on the line, why not work with a truly knowledgeable lawyer? You owe yourself that much.

How Much Could I Recover?

Every case is unique. You could be entitled to compensation for a number of factors, including medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses related to your injury, as well as non-exact areas including mental anguish, pain and suffering, and more. Speak with our personal injury lawyers at Taylor & Tucker, LLC for specific advice and estimations related to your case.

Should I Sign A Release?

Not before speaking with an attorney who can make sure your rights are protected. Signing a release may disqualify you from recovering full compensation. You could be offered an early settlement that may not be fully cover your losses and if you were to accept it, you would be unable to recover any further damages.

At Taylor & Tucker, LLC, our goal is to provide you with tenacious, caring representation. Call us today and we can discuss your options in a free case review at our Peachtree City or Atlanta office. We will explain your rights so you can make informed decisions.