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How Do Mansfield Bars Affect Truck Accidents?

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Today’s semi-trucks have many features that keep motorists safe in the event of a crash.

Mansfield bars, also known as underride guards, can prevent fatalities in truck accidents. However, severe harm can still happen in truck accidents as well.

The history of Mansfield bars

When cars collide with trucks, severe injuries and death can occur. Since 1953, federal regulations have required trucks to have protective bars that prevent cars from sliding beneath them during crashes. After actress Jayne Mansfield died in a fatal truck accident in 1967, underride guards became more widely known. Additional regulations mandate that trucking companies maintain their vehicles and parts in good repair, including the Mansfield bars.

Mansfields bars’ impact

Mansfield bars are effective at preventing cars from going underneath trucks in rear-end collisions. This can reduce fatalities and severe harm. However, cars with especially low hood heights may still slip under a truck. Furthermore, Mansfield bars are less useful in crashes that occur at an angle. In addition, trucks require regular maintenance in order to be safe on the road.

Although Mansfield bars can help avoid the worst outcomes, serious harm can still happen. Victims of truck accidents can sustain severe injuries and trauma. Safety equipment and proper maintenance are important, but truck drivers should also practice responsible driving habits. Distracted driving and fatigue are major factors in many truck accidents.

Regulations require commercial trucks to have safety features, including Mansfield bars, to prevent deaths and reduce harm when accidents occur. Though Mansfield bars can help keep motorists safe, drivers can still experience serious injuries when cars and trucks collide.

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