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Truck driver fatigue is a frequent cause of wrecks

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Trucks are a common sight on Georgia roads. Since they are traveling at such significant speeds, going great distances, and are so massive, a collision can cause untold damage and even death. When there is a truck wreck, those who were impacted should think about the future and how they will move forward.

Drowsy driving is a major problem with truckers

While recklessness, distraction and drivers who are under the influence are often causes of accidents, another problem is even more dangerous: drowsy truckers. The National Sleep Foundation found that each month, one out of 25 adults falls asleep while driving. This is exacerbated for people who drive for a living and are on the road for long stretches – specifically, truckers. According to the National Safety Council, a drowsy driver has triple the chance to be in a crash. Unlike other hazardous road issues, the warning signs for drowsy driving are relatively understated.

Drowsy drivers’ reaction times are diminished, their judgment is impaired, they have problems remembering their last several miles, and then doze off before rapidly waking up. Truckers’ vulnerability to drowsy driving stems from various factors including being behind the wheel for an extended time, working in shifts, driving at night, the weather, and a lack of proper rest. A trucker’s health could also contribute to drowsiness. For example, if he or she is suffering from sleep apnea, it can result in falling asleep and lead to truck accidents.

After a truck crash, determining the cause is imperative

Drivers might think about trying to stay awake by drinking coffee, having the radio loud, keeping all the windows open, and through other strategies. Unfortunately, these tactics are generally ineffective. Catastrophic injuries, medical costs, lost time on the job, and stress on a family are all potential challenges after a truck wreck. If it was due to drowsy driving or another issue involving negligence, it could be important when thinking about how to proceed. Truck accidents often cause injuries or even death of a loved one.

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