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How to safely operate your car in a parking lot

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You spend so much time thinking about your safety when driving on crowded roads that you often overlook the potential dangers lurking in parking lots.

A parking lot accident can be every bit as dangerous as one that occurs on the road. For that reason, you should follow these tips to maintain your safety:

  • Slow down: Even if there’s no speed limit sign, it’s your responsibility to slow down and proceed with extreme caution. Not only do you have to concern yourself with other vehicles, but there are likely to be pedestrians in the area, too.
  • Back into your space: When possible, back into your parking space. By doing so, you’ll find it easier to pull out when the time comes. Many parking lot accidents occur when someone is backing out of a space, such as because their visibility is limited.
  • Don’t drive the wrong way: Some parking lots allow vehicles to travel both ways, while others don’t. If you find yourself in a parking lot with one-way lanes, be sure to obey the law.
  • Watch for opening doors: For example, if you’re pulling into a parking spot shortly after someone else, they could open their door into your path of travel. And if you don’t react in time, you could hit their door.

It can be dangerous to drive in a parking lot, especially if other drivers aren’t following these tips.

If you’re injured in a parking lot accident, move your vehicle out of the way, call for help and then file an insurance claim. Your health and financial well-being should be at the top of your priority list.

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