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Distracted drivers often engage in multiple distracting activities

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Georgia drivers might welcome the news of the increase in hands-free cellphone usage. However, this positive trend is often accompanied by an alarming one: when drivers use hands-free cellphones while driving, they are also at increased risk of engaging in at least one more distracted driving behavior.

The information was recently released by Lytx, a company that specializes in analyzing data and providing safety solutions for commercial and public sector fleets. The data analyzed by Lytx revealed that while the number of people using hands-free cellphones while driving had increased, this had also increased the risk for some drivers to engage in other distracted driving behavior, such as eating, drinking, speeding or following the other vehicles too closely. The risk for motor vehicle accidents is then increased when the driver takes on other risky behaviors and loses focus on the road.

Another concerning risky behavior is related to drivers who do not use their seat belts. The data shows that drivers who use cellphones often also do not use their seat belts. Experts believe this stems from a lack of concern over their own safety, which makes them more at risk for distracted driving behavior. Additionally, cellphone usage for commercial and public sector fleet vehicles is highest at a speed of 65mph, which might be connected to the use of cruise control. As drivers use cruise control that prevents them going over 65mph, they might pay less attention to the road once they hit this speed.

Distracted driving can lead to car accidents, even when drivers lose focus for just a few seconds. Victims of car accidents might be eligible to file a personal injury claim for damages. They may want to speak to a lawyer for help determining which damages they could be eligible for. The lawyer may also be able to gather evidence for their claim and negotiate with the insurance company on their behalf.

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