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Determine the underlying cause of a semitruck wreck

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Uncategorized

Truckers have a duty to keep other people with whom they share the roads safe from incidents involving their rigs. This means that they must drive safely so that they don’t cause a crash. It is imperative that they are familiar with the factors that might lead to wrecks so that they can avoid them.

All drivers share in the responsibility to keep roads safe. One of the most important things to do is to follow the traffic safety laws that govern the roadways.

Give big rigs ample space

Drivers on the roadways with these big vehicles should remember that they need to give them space. These trucks have a large turning radius and take considerable distance to stop. They also have large blind spots in which they can’t see other vehicles. Make sure that you aren’t darting in front of semitrucks or driving in an area where they will turn. It is possible that actions of drivers operating personal vehicles will cause a semitruck to crash into another vehicle.

Truckers can cause issues

Some wrecks are caused by the trucker. When they are fatigued or distracted, they can do things that lead to crashes because they aren’t making sound choices. Improper training can also be a source of issues for some commercial drivers. Truckers have to ensure that loads are properly secured, and they need to be sure that the tractor and trailer are maintained for the current usage.

Problems with trucking company policies

Trucking companies often set unrealistic expectations for the truckers, including unreasonable deadlines for deliveries. The industry is competitive, so some businesses will choose the fastest carrier. This often pushes truck drivers to drive longer than what is safe, causing them to drive while fatigued.

When a vehicle is struck by a semitruck, the occupants often suffer injuries requiring medical care, especially when the injuries are serious or catastrophic. The injured parties might opt to seek compensation for the damages. They must determine what parties should be named as defendants. This might include the trucker, the trucking company or others that hold liability in the matter.

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