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Two dresser models recalled for stability issues

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2019 | Product Liability

Georgia residents need to check if they own a dresser from either Ridgewood Industries, also known as Ameriwood Home, or E&E because the two companies have issued a recall. The former is recalling one million of its Belmont four-drawer dressers, which were sold between April 2013 and September 2019 at Kmart and Sears. The latter is recalling 1,800 of its Ink+Ivy Renu three-drawer dressers.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission explains that both dresser models pose a tip-over hazard unless they are anchored to a wall. One of the Belmont dressers failed a Consumer Reports tip-over test, causing analysts to push for revised safety standards for dressers that are 30 inches tall or lower. Currently, such dressers are not covered under the voluntary safety standard.

The Belmont recall is the first to involve a dresser 30 inches or lower. The E&E dresser is about 36 inches tall. Neither recall is associated with injuries or fatalities; however, the CPSC has some startling statistics out: Every 15 minutes, someone is injured by a falling piece of furniture or television, and every two weeks, a similar incident leads to the death of a child.

Ameriwood Home is not offering a refund for recalled dressers. E&E offers the choice between a free anchoring kit or a refund, including the shipping or pickup fee.

There are three types of defects relating to dressers and other products that can be involved in product liability cases: manufacturing, design and marketing defects. Those who are injured by an unstable dresser may want to determine which, or how many, of these defects were to blame for the incident. To this end, they may consult with an attorney. The attorney may build up the product liability claim with the help of investigators before determining a fair amount to seek in damages.

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