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Motorist Responsibility on the Streets of Atlanta

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2013 | Personal Injury

Here in the ATL, you can’t get anywhere without your wheels. It seems like a commute is necessary to get anywhere in this sprawling city of ours, and so most Atlantans have their own cars to drive. With automobiles being such a large part of our lives, car accidents happen- and much of the time, it’s due to motorist irresponsibility.

One bad decision can result in a split-second mistake and the ensuing crash can be catastrophically harmful to one or both parties. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that an auto accident results in a fatality. As cell phone usage has become as much a part of our daily routines as brushing our teeth and combing our hair, many people find it nearly impossible to stop texting when behind the wheel of their vehicle. Sadly, a texting driver is a distracted driver, and auto accidents often occur due to someone using their cell phone when they should have been paying attention to the road.

If you have found yourself on the casualty end of a motor vehicle accident and the fault is that of the other driver, you can file suit and claim damages due to driver negligence. It is so important today to be a safe, responsible motorist and when crashes occur, it is often due to someone not paying attention as opposed to some sort of failure on the part of the car. Our experienced attorneys at Taylor & Tucker, LLCcan help you make your case and collect for medical expenses, loss of work, pain and suffering and repair or replacement of your vehicle.

If you have been hurt in a car accident caused by the negligence of another party, call us at Taylor & Tucker, LLC today. We are your Atlanta experts on car accident cases!

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