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4 Things You Need to Do After a Car Wreck!

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2013 | Personal Injury

At Taylor & Tucker, LLC we have an excellent team of car wreck attorneys who know exactly what you should do after you’ve been injured in an accident. Anyone who has experienced a collision can remember the shaky nerves, fear and doubt involved with what to do next.

We recommend that you follow these 4 steps after being in a car accident:

  1. Do not say anything that could insinuate that you were at fault. – This means not apologizing or admitting that you were doing anything to impair your driving. This can be used against you in court. Let your insurance agency, who are educated in such a determination, make that call.
  2. Get out your camera and make a record of everything. – Take a deep breath and break out a camera to make a photographic record of all physical damage done to you that may fade quickly over time. Also get a few shots of the surrounding area and how the accident left your car incapacitated.
  3. Head to the hospital quickly. – In the shock that comes after a wreck, you may be unaware of internal injuries. Often the damage doesn’t become apparent until the next day. Never wait in hopes that you’re okay. Let the doctor give you a full evaluation and go from there.
  4. Read over your police report to ensure that it’s accurate. – Read over every single line of any report the police recorded pertaining to your accident. Make sure every word is correct so that an error or omission is quickly fixed. If it’s not in the report, it could hurt you in court when seeking compensation.

As soon as you’re able to get one of our attorneys on the phone. Don’t waste valuable time getting the representation that you need after a car accident. Call our car wreck attorneys now at Taylor & Tucker, LLC.

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