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How to drive in wet weather around commercial trucks

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Truck Accidents

It’s difficult enough to drive in close proximity to commercial trucks when conditions are perfect. But throw wet weather into the mix, such as a rainstorm, and you’re even more concerned about your ability to stay safe.

Fortunately, there are tips you can follow to enhance your safety when driving in wet weather around commercial trucks. Here’s what you should do:

  • Slow down: You want to leave yourself as much time to react as possible. As conditions worsen, lower your speed. And if you’re not comfortable driving, pull to safety until conditions improve.
  • Leave a greater following distance: In addition to poor visibility, compromised traction is one of the biggest concerns of driving in wet weather. Since you may not be able to stop your vehicle as quickly as you would like, leave a greater following distance.
  • Beware of strong winds: Strong winds often accompany wet weather, which can make conditions even more treacherous. Commercial trucks are high profile vehicles, making them susceptible to tipping in strong winds. Since these vehicles are at risk of tipping, you don’t want to drive too close to them.

Even if you follow these tips when driving in wet weather, you could still find yourself injured as the result of an accident.

If that happens, make your safety and health your top priority. Receiving immediate medical treatment will help you understand your injuries and prognosis.

Once you’re able to do so, revisit the cause of the crash, review the police report and file an insurance claim. Your goal is to do whatever you can to hold the negligent trucker responsible for your financial damages.


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