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What should I know when choosing a Halloween costume?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Product Liability

Halloween will be here before you know it, which is why many parents in Georgia have already begun shopping for costumes. When looking for cool costumes, safety is an important concern, and there are a variety of things to consider to ensure your child remains safe and secure on the holiday. To make sure you make the right selection, Consumer Reports offers the following advice. 

Watch out for sharp accessories

While play swords aren’t made of metal, they can still be potentially hazardous. This is especially worrisome when it comes to your child’s eyes, which can be seriously injured by pointy accessories or costume pieces. Make sure all the accessories you choose are soft and pliable to greatly reduce the likelihood of an eye injury. 

Make sure kids are visible 

While it might ruin your child’s spooky attire, all kids should be outfitted with reflective materials to ensure they’re seen when crossing the street. If your child isn’t wearing bright clothing, pick up some reflective tape and strategically affix it to the costume to increase visibility. You can also ask that your child take along a flashlight or glowstick, which greatly increases the chance that they’ll be seen while trick-or-treating. 

Look for flame-resistant costumes

Your child may encounter open flames in the form of jack-o-lanterns when out and about. That’s why flame-resistant clothing is an absolute must. Packaging should clearly state that items are resistant to flames. If it doesn’t, look for an alternate costume idea that does. Also, make sure your child’s costume fits appropriately. Not only is excess material a potential fire hazard, it can also cause your child to trip while walking. 

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