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What can cause drowsiness while behind the wheel?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When fatigue and driving combine, great danger can be just around the bend. A drowsy driver is less able to react to what occurs on the road, less able to perceive what is going on, and not as quick to make decisions. There is also the risk that a Georgia motorist could fall asleep completely and get into a serious auto accident. The Centers for Disease Control warns about particular factors that can cause someone to become drowsy while behind the wheel.

First, anyone runs the risk of becoming drowsy on the road if they do not get enough sleep. It could happen for any number of reasons. Individuals who have to study for a test for a high school class, a college course or a night class might take too much time studying and not allow for enough rest time. Leisure activities like parties could go well into the night. Fathers or mothers can put in long hours for family matters. Some people may just poorly schedule their time to sleep.

Your profession, if it requires you to work for long periods of time, may cause drowsiness after a while. Commercial drivers are at risk because they spend a lot of time driving a vehicle such as a public bus, a school bus, a tractor trailer or a big truck. Without a break, the driver could become bored and lethargic. Similarly, people who work long shifts can become exhausted. Night shift workers may turn drowsy because they are not working in the sunlight.

Sometimes medication can be a factor. Pay careful attention to what your doctor tells you about your prescription. If your medicine has the potential to make you drowsy or if drowsiness is certain, do not plan to drive after taking a dosage. Also read the instructions on medicine boxes or bottles to look for drowsy side effects. Medicines like antihistamines can cause a person to feel sleepy after a while.

Because fatigued driving can be caused by many different factors, you should not consider this article as legal advice. The sole intent of this piece is to provide educational benefit to the reader.

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